Easy DIY Vegan Deodorant

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DIY Natural Deodorant

Make your own deodorant using only 4 ingredients!


My friend Marion introduced me to this DIY natural deodorant recipe after getting involved in the waste reduction movement and her local association Le Havre Zero Déchet.


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Marion says: “I’ve always loved making things myself, after watching an interview of a French blogger Gala about her natural and home-made cosmetics, I started to make my own soap and deodorant. Then later, at a friend’s house I came across a book about one family’s mission to eliminate their waste almost completely. One of the first things I read was about simple acts of everyday life: when going to the bakery, why does the bread need to be wrapped in paper? And I thought, great question! Since then I’ve been questioning little things like this day by day… Make-up remover can be replaced with oil? I try out of curiosity, and see if I like the result (and incidentally, oil does make for a great make-up remover!). After 2 years of living by this philosophy, a friend mentioned how she wanted to create a space and community where people could share their waste reduction experiences on a local scale, and that’s how we ended up founding the association.”


Marion recommended Gala’s deodorant recipe for beginners because it’s quick, cheap, and easy, requires few ingredients, but most importantly it WORKS. I tried it out here in the Dubai summer heat for the past two weeks and can confirm that it works just as well as my store-bought deodorant with the added plus of being completely natural. It’s basically a gateway drug to DIY cosmetics.


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As a designer, I’m a true believer that just because something isn’t store-bought that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look just as good! With that in mind, I whipped up a cute little printable label that will make you want to hand out homemade deodorant to all your family & friends.

I’ll leave it up to you to explain that it’s not because you think they have a BO problem but just because this stuff is so great!


The following recipe is for 3 months’ worth of deodorant. Store it in the bathroom if you live in a cool climate (under 25C/75F) or in the fridge in case of warmer weather. If the deodorant melts, simply reheat, mix and let set again.




20g (1 ½ tbsp) Coconut oil for its antibacterial properties and because it solidifies below 25C/ 75F

30g (6 tsp) Bicarbonate of Soda (aka Baking Soda) for its odor neutralizing properties

20g (2 ½ tbsp) Arrow Root Starch (can be replaced by cornstarch if arrowroot is unavailable) for its moisture absorbing properties

5-10 drops of Palmarosa Essential Oil (can be replaced by other essential oils such as grapefruit, tea tree or a combination) For its perfume and antibacterial properties

A small jar or tupperware

Optional: Silicone molds to make pretty shapes, though to be honest it’s not the most practical option since the deodorant starts to melt at the skin’s touch. I found it’s best to apply the deodorant with your fingers like you would for moisturizer.

Paper & Glue or Sticker Paper


Step 1

Melt the coconut oil

I just set a bowl with the solidified oil in a dish of hot water


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Step 2

Mix in the baking soda and starch, then add the essential oil and mix well

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Step 3

Pour the mixture into your container, cool until solidified (if you live in a hot place like me, or it’s the middle of summer, you may need to keep your deodorant in the fridge to avoid melting)

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Step 4

Print out the labels. Cut and glue them onto your container.

Want to try it out for before stocking up on all the ingredients? I get it, it's hard to believe that an all natural deodorant could really work, join one of our DIY workshops in Dubai and see for yourself!

Have you tried and tested a DIY beauty product you love? Trying to reduce your waste and environmental impact? I want to hear about it, I'm always looking for new material!