Sister Octopi

An artistic correspondence between London and Dubai  

Reflections on cultural cross-pollination by way of family migratory patterns over land & sea

tentacle installation 5.jpg

Sister Octopi is a collaboration between designer Natalya Konforti and abstract painter Justine Formentelli, in the form of a paper installation.

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Natalya Konforti is a designer residing in Dubai who has lived in China, France and the USA.

Justine Formentelli, an abstract painter with 20 years of practice has been exhibiting in the USA and Europe for throughout her career and now lives in London after many years living abroad. 

The pair are cousins, incidentally both born on the 16th of May. This project has been loosely based on their family narrative and explore themes of identity, belonging and adaptation to new environments whether physical or psychological.

The format of unfolding scrolls originated from our fondness for the surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse (or the game of consequences) and the desire to dialogue through painting and embroidery.  Since we live on different side of the world and only see each other a few times in the year, the format of connecting panels was very fitting. This correspondence  project became an exchange, a conversation, a growing series of threads.

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We are currently in the process of planning exhibitions of the installation in Dubai & London, sign up below to receive an invitation to the opening

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