DIY Tropical Leaf Menus


DIY Tropical LEAF Menus

Ok, so I have a serious obsession with monstera leaves at the mo, it's been going on for a while now & judging by the amount of greenery I see on my IG feed I'm guessing I'm not the only one... I'm trying to keep it under control but the menus at our wedding were definitely crafted under the influence.

Between the save-the-dates, invitations, rsvp cards & ceremony programs... getting everything you need printed for a wedding can add up FAST. This was my convenient excuse in any case to opt for an easy and cheaper hack: Tropical Leaf Menus!

They're nice & big, which makes them easy to read from a bit of a distance so I only had to make out 2  for each table of 10 (one in French, one in English since we had a bilingual wedding), plus they're pretty enough to work as an awesome centerpiece if you add in a few flowers!

Monstera leaves+marker.jpg


- Fake Monstera Leaves (or an assortment of other tropical leaves)

- Chalk Marker

I found these leaves at Ikea believe it or not, I'm sure you can find nice ones at any local florist or on Amazon as well... Of course you also have the option of using real leaves, but who needs the extra stress of writing out menus at the last minute?


The DIY itself is pretty straight forward: just write out your menus! My only tip is to use a chalkboard marker (instead of a paint marker like I had!) this way if you make a mistake you can just erase it with a damp Q-tip & correct (You know, like instead of buying a ton of extra leaves in case you need to start over...Ahem! )


Did you make some other fun type of menu at your wedding? Have other eccentric uses for monstera leaves or have a #crazyplantlady obsession of your own? We want to hear about it! (ok, I want to hear about it, seriously it'll help put my obsession into perspective ;) )

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