Embroidered Basket


Embroidered Basket

The Perfect Weekend Project

That is, as long as you resist the urge to write a super long long word haha!

My closet is literally full of abandoned projects that I didn't meant to put aside but just never ended up finishing. I find that if a project takes me more than a weekend, I usually don't have time to work on it during weeknights and then by the next weekend it's shifted over into eternal standby... which makes this project ideal since I made it in 2 afternoon sessions.

We used this basket to hold the spools of yarn for our wedding ceremony yarn bomb, but it would also make a great housewarming or newborn gift!

You'll need:

  • A woven basket
  • Yarn
  • A large needle
  • A marker

Start by mapping out your letters. The needle will have to go through the holes in the weaving between straws so imagine you're playing a game of connect the dots.

Tip: Keep in mind that straight lines will be easier to map out than curves so write in all caps if you want to simplify your design.

Make a small dot with your marker next to each hole you plan to stitch through.

Then embroider with a chain stitch along those lines and you're good to go :)

Never tried a chain stitch before? Don't be intimidated, if you've got the right technique it's pretty straightforward, I found this video to help!


The same technique can also be used to embroider on straw beach hats, or even a straw rug. Have you tried anything similar? I'm always looking for new ideas, tell me about it below and we might feature your project in an upcoming post!

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