Real Life "Where is Waldo?" Surprise Party in Budapest


"Whereis waldo?"

A Surprise Party

Who hasn't dreamt of bringing their favorite childhood characters to life? Lucky me, I got a chance to participate in a real life "Where is Waldo?" hunt!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a bunch of friends in Budapest to surprise one of our own on his birthday. Since we were all flying in at different times throughout the day it seemed like a waste to have to wait until everyone arrived for the surprise which is how we came up with the idea of a real life “Where is Waldo?”. Dressed in red and white striped t-shirts, matching beanies and round glasses, we all shared a google map with our pinned meeting points throughout the city.
The funniest part is that even when our friend spotted the first Waldo he just jokingly pointed it out to his girlfriend without even realizing that it was one of us! To be honest I think it was almost as much fun staking out our hiding spots or following our friend around giddily as it was to be on the surprise end of things.

Card design by Lise Picard

Card design by Lise Picard

7 waldos square.jpg
2 waldos.jpg

There was fair a bit of organization involved for everything to go smoothly, but with our all our meeting points pinned in google maps it was easy to follow along!

waldo map 2.jpg

Finding a red and white striped shirt, matching beanies and the round glasses turned out to be more time consuming than I was expecting, I ended up just painting stripes on a white dress and the only red hat I could find last minute is actually an Ironman beanie! For some reason I didn't even think of looking online until it was too late, but if you want to recreate the look save yourself the wild goose hunt and buy the full Where is Waldo Costume.

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Obviously we had to recreate an iconic "Where is Waldo?" shot, see how many of us you can spot in the photos below & comment with your answers!

Where is waldo 1.jpg

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